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Washi, sublimate paper

Japanese contemporary artist Kinji Isobe is from the Mino region, well-known for producing washi, the traditional Japanese paper. As a natural consequence, this artist uses this material to express himself, including others materials used in Japanese art such as ink, gold leaf, wood, persimmon juice… and acrylic painting giving striking modernity to his artworks.

Powerful lines and colors, calligraphy, symbols use, material mix, inlays, collages… the work of the artist, rich and inventive, leads him to appropriate, like no one else, this so distinctive texture material, in order to renew the pictorial art of kakemono.

Do not miss this selection of big size artworks, such as this 36 ft great panoramic… A mysterious and life vibrant reinterpretation of nature landscape you seem able to enter and walk in…


14 january - 21 march 2016