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Ash and light

Works by Minjung Kim

from 26 february to 3 september 2017


In this region that has seen so many talents of contemporary art thrive and blossom, from Picasso to Matisse, whose oeuvre is celebrated in the world’s leading museums, the role played by the Departmental Museum of Asian Arts is singular and without equivalent. A window wide open to the horizon, as well as a bridge between East and West, the museum has as its mission to arouse the public’s curiosity, to encourage daydreaming nourished by the unexpected, a touch of the exotic and a real interest in what is other and distant. At the confluence of tradition and modernity, the museum’s numerous exhibitions have allowed the French Riviera’s residents to discover and admire the creative dynamism of exceptionally talented artists from Asia.
In view of this eager openness to contemporary art, our hosting works by Minjung Kim in 2017 represents an extraordinary opportunity. With her exhibition “Ash and Light”, the artist presents us with an imaginative, out-of-the-ordinary oeuvre created by superimposing layers of traditional Korean paper known as hanji, which she folds, glues and adorns with repetitive motifs made not by paintbrush but by burning the sheets with an incense stick or a candle. This patient, time-consuming work of repetitive movements plunges the artist into a meditative state favourable to creation. Minjung Kim revisits and draws inspiration from her training in calligraphy and her studies in art and philosophy during her younger years in Korea, which she mixes with her more recent discoveries from exploring different European art movements. This process gives birth to singular, delicate, ethereal works of yet astonishing force. Starting 26 February, an unexpected discovery awaits visitors to the rotunda of the Museum of Asian Arts.