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Enter the fascinating world of Samuraï through the great exhibition in the Asian art museum in Nice from july 8th 2017 to march 25th 2018.
Fierce and fearsome warriors, giving their life to bushido, the japanese strict code with moral values such as loyalty and honor until death, samuraï were the symbol of the Japan History. Through remarquable masterpieces : complete armours, helmets, masks, weapons, come and testify to their warrior world and let their refinement lifestyle surprise you. From the long peaceful period of the XVIIth century, these military class becomes the new nobilty of the japanase society intellectual elite. Samuraï practice martial arts but also more refined discipline such as calligraphy, poetry, litterature, tea ceremony or incense game contrasting with the violence of the art of combat.

With over 250 pieces from private or public collection, the exhibition trace the history of these warriors and bring them back to life.